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With a past as system administrator at VMware, Cryptomathic and TDC and with a couple of years of experience as vocational teacher, I decided to become a freelance IT-consultant in 2014. I'm a passionate Linux and open source enthusiast. I also have a broad knowledge in IT infrastructure, storage and networking.



Servers and operating systems

My great passions are Linux and open source. I have been a dedicated Linux user since 1997 and I have worked professionally with Linux system administration since 2000. During this time I have gained a lot of skills and experience.  I also devote a great amount of time to engage in new technologies within the Linux world, like Systemd, Docker and the underlying technologies, such as btrfs, cgroups and containers.

I have implemented and administrated a variety of different systems in Linux and Unix based environments:
  • Web: Various LAMP applications, MySQL, Bind and Tomcat.
  • Version control: CVS, GIT, Mercurial and Subversion.
  • Monitoring: Nagios and Zabbix.
  • Automation: Unix shell scripting, puppet for orchestration and automated PXE deployments.
  • Networking: iptables, Shorewall Squid and Open vSwitch.

The examples above are only excerpts of technologies and products I have worked with in the past. I'm agile and used to adapt in an ever changing world.

I have in-depth knowledge about Redhat Linux, Centos,  Debian and Ubuntu-based systems. I also have some experience with proprietary Unix systems including AIX and Solaris.

I have worked with Windows system administration and Active Directory. I have implemented and administrated a multisite AD and have some skills regarding Windows Powershell scripting.



I have quite some epxerience with networking. I have primarily been working with Cisco routers and switches, Juniper routers and firewalls and HP switches.

I hold Cisco CCNA certificate. My goal is to become at least a CCNP within 5 years.

As I have worked  on Cisco Certified Academy, I have also acquired a Cisco Certified Instructor Certificate.



While employed at VMware, I have worked quite a lot with VMware's vSphere product suite. Mostly ESX, ESXi, vCenter and VMA. I have configured and administrated environments including networking, NAS and SAN for both production and testing.

Currently I'm looking into Linux containers and Docker. I think especially Docker will have a major impact on the future of Linux and cloud computing.



I have two years of teaching experience at Syddansk Erhvervsskole. I have taught data technician students in subjects like Linux, virtualization and networking. During my career as teacher I also completed two compulsory  courses of the educational diploma for vocational teachers.





2014 - 2015

Freelance consultant at Siemens Wind Power

At Siemens Wind Power I was initially hired for three months as a VMware consultant. The main assignment was reviewing and optimizing Siemens' use of virtualization in SCADA environments. As a part of the task, I taught Siemens employees about virtualization using VMware, EMC storage and Cisco networking technology. I also contributed to define the virtualization part of the factory acceptance test of the SCADA system.

Another goal was to automate and unify the deployment process of virtual environments using different tools like Redhat Kickstart, WDS, Unix shell- and Microsoft Powershell scripting.

The contract was extended with 4 months, and I was put on different projects. One project was to redesign the deployment process of SCADA systems from step-by-step guides to an ITIL inspired process oriented method that was agile and easier to automate.

In another project, I was working with a team to analyze benchmarks and forecast server, storage and software requirements in future SCADA deployments.

During my assignment at Siemens I was working across disciplines involving several teams on each project.


2012 - 2014

Teacher, Syddansk Erhvervsskole (Vocational school)

Having worked with IT for 15 years, I felt a desire to pass on my skills and experience. I altered my career path and became a teacher at Syddansk Erhvervsskole in Vejle, teaching data technicians students.

Among the subjects I taught was:
Server technology: Linux system administration, scripting, orchestration, clustering, storage management (LVM), jailed environments and web server technologies.
Virtualization: VMware, clustering, high availibility, fault tolerance, storage management and software defined networking.
Networking: Cisco CCNA curriculum, Linux iptables, Squid and Shorewall.

For Linux and virtualization courses, I was on my own to define curriculum and create assignments. Networking courses were carried out using Cisco's Network Academy.


2007 - 2012

Sr. TechOps, VMware

Responsible for daily IT-operations in local VMware R&D office in Aarhus.
Tasks included:
  • Daily IT-operations based on ITIL procedures.
  • Procurement of hardware and forecasting.
  • Installing and configuring VMware  vSphere clusters for test scenarios defined by developers.
  • Installing and configuring EMC and IBM SAN, Fiber and iSCSI-based.
  • Installing and configuring Juniper routers and firewalls and Cisco routers.
  • Implementation of Puppet, Nagios and a lot of other open source tools.

 2000 - 2007

System administrator, Cryptomathic

Responsible for daily operation of  IT-systems, telephony and network including sites in different countries across Europe.
At Cryptomathic I worked with the following technologies:
  • Implementation and administration of networking infrastructure, based on Cisco routers, VPN concentrators and Linux based firewall, running shorewall.
  • Implementation and administration of multi site Active Directory.
  • Implementation and administration of Lotus Domino/Notes environment.
  • Implementation and administration of different LAMP applications.

1997 - 2000

System administrator, TDC Internet

At TDC I started as a hotline supporter, but was soon transferred to IT Operations to work as a system administrator trainee.
At TDC Internet I worked with the following technologies and products:
Installation and administration of AIX and Solaris environments for web hotels.
Implementation of Real Networks Streaming setup.



Uddannelser og kurser


Computer technician

To be authorized to teach at a public vocational school, I needed a public recognizable diploma. I therefore completed the Computer Technician Diploma to be able to teach at Syddansk Erhvervsskole.



Introduction to object oriented programming (Java)

Programming course at Aarhus University's open education program. This course corresponds to the DPROG1 course of the computer science education.



High school student

Student at Rosborg Gymnasium.




Certificates and diplomas


Cisco Certified Instructor


Cisco CCNA


VMware VCP




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