ZealSoft is a one man consultancy company.


My name is Morten Lund. I have been working with system administration for the last 15 years I have among others worked for companies like VMware, Cryptomathic and TDC. Also I have worked as a teacher for a couple of years at Syddadnsk Erhvervsskole, teaching Linux and Networking (Cisco CCNA)


My main focus is Linux and open source. Integration, automation and scripting are among my core competences. During my career in the business I have been working in depth with a great variety of products and technologies. Below some of these technologies have been listed:

  • Open Source
    • Linux distributions: Redhat and Centos, Suse, Debian and Ubuntu.
    • Web servers: Apache, Nginx and Tomcat
    • Databases: Mysql and MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Sqlite
    • Networking and firewall: Iptables, shorewall, pfsense and Squid for transparent proxy.
    • Monitoring: Zabbix, MRTG, OpenNMS and Zenoss
    • LAMP applications: Heĺpzilla, Joomla, Request Tracker and a lot of other applications
    • Mail and Groupware: Sendmail, Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, Kolab, Lotus Notes/Domino
    • Scripting and automation: Unix Shell scripting (bash), python, puppet.
  • Virtualization
    • VMware vSphere: ESXi, vCenter, PowerCLI (VMware certified)
    • OpenStack
    • KVM, libvirt and virtio
  • Networking
    • Cisco routers and switches
    • Juniper routers and firewalls
    • HP switches.
  • Storage
    • EMC Clariion, VNX, VNXe, UEMCLI
    • IBM Shark
    • Fibre channel and iSCSI
  • Cloud Technologies
    • AWS
    • Docker

The above list is a non exhaustive list of products and technologies. I am agile and willing to adapt and learn new technologies, if required by the assignment.


I live and Aarhus, Denmark, but I'm geographically mobile and will be willing to work out of country for limited periods of time.


My availability will be posted on my Linkedin profile